5 Places In Your Home That Need Energy-Efficient Spray Foam

5 Places In Your Home That Need Energy-Efficient Spray Foam

Adding insulation to your home may seem like a big expense. But do you know the cost of not adding insulation to your home? In this article, we discuss the five important places to add insulation that will result in a reduction in monthly heating bills.

Insulate Your Attic

We all know that heat rises, therefore, the easiest way the heat will escape your home is through an uninsulated attic. This is also an easy way for cold air (that is denser than hot air) to sink into the house through the uninsulated attic. Blanketing your attic floor with insulation creates an insulating barrier between the warmth provided by the heater and the harsh cold weather outside. Attic insulation keeps your house warm in the winters and cool in the summers.

If you find your attic isn’t working well, you can hire an insulation contractor to install proper insulation. To find out if the attic of your home is insulated enough, measure the thickness of the insulation. If it is less than about 13 inches, you should add more! To find out how much thickness is best for attic insulation in Minnesota, check out our blog post on it!

Before insulating, it is a must to seal all the air leaks and get done with any necessary repairs. You should prioritize insulating your attic, especially its floor.

Insulate The Crawlspace or Basement

You don’t just lose heat through the top of your house. The inside temperature of your home can get disrupted due to an uninsulated basement or crawlspace, stealing the precious warmth from your home. The basement ceiling is tricky to get insulated because it contains pipes, fittings, and wires that can be hard to work around with. You will have to face ground temperature fluctuations if you don’t get your basement insulated.

Basement insulation is also a crucial part of preventing moisture issues in your home. By getting the exterior walls of your basement insulated, you can prevent moisture from seeping in from the ground, which will improve the quality of air inside the home. This helps to keep the house free from moisture and humidity and makes the environment comfortable. It also helps to reduce mold growth in the basement.

Another option is to insulate the basement walls. If you get the walls of your basement insulated, then you will not need to insulate the ceilings. Moreover, basement wall insulation helps in saving energy and reducing energy bills. A crawlspace is much smaller than a basement, but that doesn’t mean you can overlook it when insulating your home.

Insulate The Walls

Adding insulation to walls can be tricky. But just because it’s tricky does not mean you should not get it done. Wall insulation is very effective in increasing the energy efficiency of your home and helps to maintain a consistent temperature. Wall insulation can save you money and help you have a comfortable environment in your home. If you don’t already have insulation in your walls, you should get it done immediately. A professional contractor will make a tiny hole in the drywall, and add the insulation.

Insulate The Floors

We talked about insulating your basement floor, but what about the other floors in your home? You should also insulate all the other floors that are above unheated spaces, like garages or rooms with no insulation. This is because of the coolness of uninsulated spaces enter in the other spaces next to them.  But you don’t need to worry about insulating the floors in the upper stories of your home!

Seal The Air leaks Of Your House

A drafty house is a big sign that you are wasting energy. You can use spray foam insulation to seal all the drafty areas in your home. Air leaks let the warm air that your heaters are producing escape. This makes the temperature inside the home uneven, which makes your home uncomfortable. To get rid of this uneven temperature it’s a must to get the air leaks sealed. The most effective way to air seal your home is through spray foam insulation as it is considered an air sealant.

For more information about our spray foam insulation services, feel free to contact Spray Foam Insulation Plus, the best insulation contractors in Edina MN, today.

5 Places In Your Home That Need Energy-Efficient Spray Foam

5 Places In Your Home That Need Energy-Efficient Spray Foam

5 Places In Your Home That Need Energy-Efficient Spray Foam

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