Insulation in Brooklyn Park MN | Closed Vs. Open Cell Insulation

Insulation in Brooklyn Park MN

Insulation in Brooklyn Park MNSpray foam insulation is a great choice for many homeowners. It can help your home retain heat during the winter months, saving you money on heating bills! But there are two types of spray foam available: closed cell and open cell. Which one should you choose? Read on to find out! Insulation in Brooklyn Park MN

Density Levels

Even though closed-cell foam is more expensive and more effective than open-cell foam, there are a few things to consider before you toss out your old roll of open-cell insulation and replace it with a new can of spray foam.

First of all, some people prefer the feel of open cell insulation in their homes. Because closed cell has a higher density than open cell (meaning that it will resist heat transfer better), you may notice less noise coming through your walls when you have closed cell installed. This might be worth considering if your house was built without soundproofing materials or if you live near an airport or subway line where planes or trains pass by frequently.

Open-cell spray foam, which is a lower density than closed-cell spray foam, provides better insulation for your home. When open-cell foam is sprayed into a typical two-by-four wall cavity it expands to fill the entire volume of the wall cavity. Open-cell spray foams are much softer than closed-cell foams and therefore not as strong mechanically. They can be used in small areas where strength isn’t an issue and are excellent for filling large gaps and cracks between materials like wood siding or concrete slabs. 


Open cell foam provides about three times more R-value per inch than closed cell foams do (R values measure thermal resistance). Open celled insulations have higher R values but less ability to seal small gaps because they tend to expand too much when sprayed into tight spaces like window frames and doorways.

R-value is a measure of thermal resistance. It’s the number of BTUs (British Thermal Units) that can be transferred through a square foot of material in one hour at a temperature differential of 1 degree Fahrenheit.

Open cell foam has an R-value between 3.5 and 4.25 per inch, while closed-cell has an R-value between 5 and 6 per inch.

A closed cell foam with an R-value between 6.0-7.0 per inch will be adequate for most residential applications where air gaps around living spaces aren’t present because they have been sealed (e.g., new construction homes).

Cost Effectiveness

Open cell foam is less expensive than closed cell but adds little or no structural strength to the wall assembly. The foam can be used to fill voids in existing walls and provide a continuous air barrier, but it does not provide any additional insulation value. Open cell foam will not help your home pass Energy Star inspections.

Closed cell foam adds strength to the wall and can help stiffen floor systems as well as resist racking loads on the walls in some cases up to 4 times code requirements without having to add any other shear panels to the building assembly.

Open celled polyurethane foams are not suitable for use in situations where there may be excessive moisture or potential condensation issues.

Moisture & Mold Growth

Closed cell foam will not support mold growth, and it also functions as a vapor barrier in most cases, thereby reducing moisture issues in the walls and floors and making your home more durable and efficient while helping you save money on utilities.

Spray foam insulation is an excellent choice for any home. It will help you reduce your energy costs, keep your home more comfortable, and increase its durability. The best part is that there are many different types of spray foam available today including closed cell or open cell insulation so you can choose what works best for your project. Contact us today at Spray Foam Insulation Plus in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota for more information.

Insulation in Brooklyn Park MN

Insulation in Brooklyn Park MN

Insulation in Brooklyn Park MN

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