7 Reasons You Should Have Spray Foam Insulation in Blaine

7 Reasons You Should Have Spray Foam Insulation in Blaine

Spray Foam insulation is made up of a combination of two different substances, a polyol resin, and an isocyanate. Spray foam insulation quickly expands and forms a solid protective layer that provides you superb thermal and energy-efficient insulation for your home. Other reasons to have spray foam insulation in your home are discussed here.

Why You Should Have Spray Foam Insulation In Your Home?

  1. Insulating Power of Spray Foam Insulation

The main reason to have spray foam insulation in your home is that it cuts down heat loss during the winter season and also regulates any heat gain in the hot summer. Spray foam’s unique properties proved that it’s the perfect option for loft insulation.

  1. Perfect coverage of Cracks and Holes

The drawback of old traditional roof insulation is that they can’t fill up those important nooks, crannies, and gaps which can cause heat losses. This is particularly very problematic in old buildings where there are more chances of cracks and leaks. Spray foam insulation fills nooks and crannies perfectly. That means it provides you with perfect coverage and works more efficiently.

  1. Spray foam insulation saves Energy

Spray foam insulation keeps your house warmer in the winter and so you spend less on utility bills. As you know that prices rise rapidly year on year, so it is very beneficial for taking all the steps that help you to reduce the outlay on your fuel bills. Spray foam insulation makes it possible for you to control your home’s temperature and save energy costs in summer as well as in winter.

  1. Act as a Barrier against Moisture

Traditional insulation such as fiberglass can only absorb moisture which creates problems later on. Spray foam insulation doesn’t absorb moisture but protects your roof from leaks, nooks, and crannies that are very expensive when it comes to repairs.

Long-Lasting ting Protection

Traditional old insulations get trodden down and lose properties and shape over time. But spray foam insulation is a product that lasts for a long period. After it applies for the first time, you can look for more than twenty to twenty-five years before you need to re-think loft insulation again.

  1. Prevent Mold and Mildew

Spray foam insulation keeps down moisture levels and seals perfectly, so you’re less likely to face problems of mildew and mold occurring in your home.

  1. Its Environment friendly

We as a whole should be concerned about doing our bit for the climate to resist global warming.  Spray foam insulation assists you to reduce your fuel bills and endures much longer than other insulating materials available. If you’re after an environment-friendly solution, this is perhaps the most ideal choice to consider.


As mentioned you know, regular insulation can sag and break down over the years, but spray foam will provide you long service life. Contact Spray Foam Insulation Plus to know more and get perfect insulation service from our expert team in Blaine

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