5 Ways Spray Foam Insulation Impacts HVAC in Brainerd

5 Ways Spray Foam Insulation Impacts HVAC in Brainerd

Spray foam insulation has a versatile and unmatched ability to fill nooks and crannies. Nowadays, spray foam insulation is used for insulation as well as for energy conservation. HVAC (heat, ventilating, and air conditioning) systems play a key role in modulating the temperature of your home. Here is how Spray Foam Insulation impacts the HVAC system in Brainerd,

Why do most people use spray foam insulation?

  •         Spray foam insulation requires less maintenance than other insulation types
  •         Spray foam insulation is sustainable and also provides sound deadening properties
  •         Spray foam insulation is flexible for decorative designs

Impacts of spray foam insulation on HVAC

The HVAC System of a building plays an important role in air exchange. Here is how spray foam insulation impacts HVAC.

#1 Spend less money on HVAC

After proper spray foam insulation, you reduce your home’s heat load, so there is no need for a large, energy-sucking air conditioning system. In this way, the new unit will reduce cooling costs and save energy as well as money.

#2 Reduce the size of the HVAC system

The size of the HVAC system is very important. Well, spray foam insulated homes need small-size HVAC systems. Because a very large HVAC system during the summer cannot work properly to remove much humidity from your indoor air, it does not reduce temperature. So, your existing HVAC system, which was precisely perfectly working in non-insulated and leaky spaces, is now too large for your insulated building.

#3 Reduce Energy Cost

Spray foam insulation helps in reducing your energy cost as

  •         Spray foam insulation reduces the workload on your HVAC system because of its R-value and effectiveness.
  •         Now you can install a smaller size, energy-efficient HVAC system  
  •         You may also install a heat pump system that saves heating bills

#4 Proper Ventilation required

Spray foam creates an air seal. It maintains the temperature of your home to the lowest possible in hot summer but some places need ventilation to prevent the accumulation of contaminants such as allergens.

#5 High relative humidity

Well, spray foam insulated houses encounter problems of high relative humidity. It can happen because of many reasons. For instance, your spray foam insulation contractor did not insulate your home properly, so all the air leaks are not sealed off. AC Duct leakage can also be the reason for high humidity levels and would be under negative pressure.

How to resolve Issues

All the issues regarding pressure, moisture, and relative humidity can be solved by:

  •         Hiring an experienced insulation fixing contractor for proper planning and design
  •         Taking help from trained professionals to design the HVAC system


Spray foam insulation has tons of benefits for improving the efficiency of your HVAC system. Any problem related to humidity and ventilation management can be solved by contacting a reliable spray foam insulation contractor. Get in touch with Spray Foam Insulation Plus now to install spray foam insulation at your home! Our experts in Brainerd are here to guide you throughout the process. Give us a call to book a consultation!

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