How Much Does a Spray Foam Insulation Cost in Savage?

How Much Does a Spray Foam Insulation Cost in Savage?

Homeowners are increasingly investing in home insulation while constructing. This is because it helps you lower the air-conditioning costs and keeps a controlled home temperature throughout the year. Spray Foam Insulation is available in different price ranges according to its features.

In this blog, we tell you how much spray foam insulation costs in Savage.

Features of Spray foam insulation

  •         Spray foam insulation helps you lower utility costs
  •         Spray foam insulation insulates 50% better than other traditional insulation methods; works as an amazing alternative to old traditional used fiberglass insulation during construction
  •         Spray foam insulation protects your home against moisture
  •         Spray foam works well for noise reduction purposes

Spray Foam Insulation Costs

Spray foam insulation is commonly available in two types:

  •         Open-cell spray foam
  •         Closed-cell spray foam 

The cost of insulation depends upon the type of insulation. Open-cell spray foam type usually costs $0.44 to $0.65 per board foot. Closed-cell spray foam type costs average from $1 to $1.50 per board foot.

But the average cost for installation of spray foam insulation by contractors is approximately $2,590, or between $1,317 and $3,896.

Factors in Calculating Spray Foam Insulation Cost

The cost of spray foam varies and depends on several factors, such as thickness and type of foam, square footage, structure, and the age of the building. Here is a brief breakdown of different cost factors that affect the price of spray foam insulation:

  •         First, measure the width and height of the wall and find the total area. For example, the area of a wall with 12 feet in width and 8 feet in height is 96 square feet.
  •         Now, multiply the area of the wall by the depth of the stud space where you want to install insulation. If there are 2×4 studs then the stud space for it will be 3.5 inches thick. If you want to find several board feet then multiply the area such as 80 by stud space which is 3.5 in this case, and you get 280. The number of board feet will fill with spray foam insulation.

Cost calculation for open-cell spray foam 

For cost calculation in the case of open-cell spray foam insulation, filling the wall to a depth of 3.5 inches would cost you between $122 and $181.

Cost calculation for Closed-cell spray foam 

But in the case of closed-cell spray foam to fill the same 80-square-foot wall, it will cost approximately $281 and up to $419. Note that these calculations are based on the costs per board foot in the case of open-cell insulation is $0.44 to $0.65 and the cost for closed-cell spray foam insulation is $1.00 to $1.50.


Spray foam Insulation is vital for keeping the temperature of your home optimum. Spray Foam Insulation Plus professionals strive to serve you with the best quality products at affordable prices. Our experts in Savage are here to guide you from the consultation stage to the execution stage. Contact us now for a quote!

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