Environmental Impacts of Spray Foam Insulation in Roseville

Environmental Impacts of Spray Foam Insulation in Roseville

Spray foam insulation is the more flexible and ideal method for insulation. Spray foam insulation is a more energy-efficient alternative to old traditional fiberglass insulation. Nowadays environmental concerns continue to rise among individuals, and homeowners and constructors are becoming more aware of carbon footprints. That’s why investing in proper insulation for your home is a great option to start your eco-friendly journey. 

Why Spray foam insulation?

  •         Spray foam insulation is widely used in homes, offices, and custom buildings. It provides an ideal and perfect seal for small gaps and gives you long-lasting service properties.
  •         The design flexibility of spray foam insulation dominates spray foam insulation, over other insulations.
  •         The perfect seal provided by spray foam reduces energy consumption and reduces the cost of energy.

Environmental Impacts of Spray Foam Insulation

If you use spray foam insulation in your home, you are lowering your energy consumption, which means you’re lowering your environmental impact. In this way, ethical home improvements are a great way to reduce your ecological footprint.

Global warming

Global warming potential is a measure of how much energy a gas will absorb over a given period, relative to the emissions of carbon dioxide. It means that the higher the global warming potential, the more a gas warms the earth compared to carbon dioxide. Spray foam insulation releases chemicals that cause depletion of ozone and promote global warming.

  •         A major issue associated with spray foam insulation is the emission of chemicals that are present in common blowing agents, like HFC-245fa, and HFC-365mfc, which have an extremely high GWP agent.
  •         HFC-245fa has a GWP of 1030 which means that it is 1030 times worse for the environment than carbon dioxide and other ozone-depleting agents.

Health and safety problems

Although manufacturers claim about  Spray foam insulation that it is “Green” and  “Environmentally Friendly,” it is still very dangerous to the health of homeowners or installers.

  •         Spray foam insulation is made up of chemicals and isocyanates that continually emit while its application till its curing period of 24  hours.
  •         This not only gets into the air and the duce quality of air but also causes severe skin and lung sensitization.

Promote Indoor Air Pollution

Spray foam insulation usually continues to off-gas chemicals if applied to the too thick layer, causing indoor air pollution. This is also problematic when the two chemicals aren’t properly prepared, mixed, and cured under the right temperature and pressure. If spray foam insulation is tried to remove its drilling also causes air pollution and an effective toxic chemical that results in respiratory disorder. But if spray foam insulation is applied properly while following all instructions given by experts one could prevent air pollution and can enjoy energy-saving insulation.


We spend too much time in our house, so indoor air should be fresh and pure. If you want to minimize the environmental impact of spray foam insulation, contact Spray Foam Insulation Plus. We are spray foam insulation experts providing cost-effective spray foam insulation services in Roseville. 

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