Should I Install Spray Foam Insulation Myself?

Should I Install Spray Foam Insulation Myself?

Spray foam insulations are becoming extremely popular worldwide because of their amazing insulating qualities. Not just that, spray foam insulation provides mold-resistant, fire-resistant, as well as air barrier properties. 

You can install spray foam insulation yourself but doing so is not advisable. Here, we discuss whether or not installing spray foam insulation yourself is the best idea.

Why should you not install spray foam insulation yourself?

Are you thinking about installing spray foam insulation yourself? Then think again because there are many safety and fire issues associated with DIYing the project. Moreover, it is a very difficult process to install spray foam insulation. You need to have good industrial knowledge to install it. Even a minor problem can create a big mess.

Why can’t you install spray foam insulation yourself?

Fire hazard

Fire is a very problematic issue when spraying foam insulation. Because actual vapor itself is flammable, so you should not have any source of flames or ignition near where you are working with spray foam. You would have to know all the storage conditions and spraying temperatures for spray foam insulation to avoid any accidents.

Health Risks

Spray foam insulation may also be a reason for many health issues due to the gasses released by the spray itself. The chemical form of spray foam insulation is very poisonous. So, professionals suggest that inexperienced homeowners should not touch, handle or spill the product by themselves. You need to have all required personal protective equipment as well as practice and industrial knowledge to ace the project.

  •         You need to wear face protection
  •         You need to wear breathing protection
  •         In short, you must cover yourself head-to-toe.

Poorly Installed insulation is not energy efficient 

If you install spray foam insulation yourself, then the odds are that you will leave leaks and gaps. These cracks will cause the loss of energy, which defeats the purpose of insulation.

Installation failure costs more

In case you fail to do it yourself, then repairing or removing spray foam insulation is not an easy task.  Costs to remove and repair the damage that occurred due to your failed attempt can be even more costly.

Spray Foam could be dangerous

Mixing the chemicals in the spray foam generates heat, which can lead to a serious fire hazard. So, you should avoid installing as well mixing chemicals by yourself without the help of a professional.


Installing spray foam insulation might seem creative and attractive, and may even help you save money, but it can cause serious damage to your home. So, the best thing you can do is to hire a professional contractor. Contact Spray Foam Insulation Plus to enjoy the best spray foam insulation services in Brooklyn Park.

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