Is Air-Sealing Your Home Important? (Part 2)

Air-Sealing Your Home

Air sealing is a very crucial step in making your home a warmer and more peaceful place. However, that is not all; there are many advantages of getting your home air sealed. In this article, we will discuss all the benefits of air sealing your homes. However, we advise you to read part 1 of this blog post if you have not already. In part 1 we discuss all the what, how, and why of air sealing! Air-Sealing Your Home

Prevent Heat Loss

Heat loss is the last thing that we would want in the chilly weather of Minnesota, we do not want to freeze, thank you! Air leaks that are not air sealed are a major reason why heat constantly escapes from our homes. Remember, we are not just talking about insulation; we are talking about air sealing. Even if you get your house insulated in most areas, there are chances that air leaks are still left unsealed.

When you properly air seal the holes, then you eliminate the major cause of heat loss. Therefore, call a professional like us to check and seal all the air leaks with spray foam insulation. As mentioned in part 1, spray foam insulation is the best insulation type for air sealing due to its expansion.

Lower Your Energy Bills

Now, if you read part 1, then you know that lack of air sealing in the house can result in a significant increase in your home’s energy bills. Therefore, to reduce your energy bills, seal all the air leaks. As you seal the air leaks, you will notice that your house is staying warmer for a longer time than before.

This is because now the warm air is not escaping from your home and cool air is not entering your home. This way you will be able to turn your heater on to lower settings and even turn it off when your house is warm enough because we can tell you that it will stay like that for some time!

Prevent Pest Problems

Heat-related matters are not the only reasons why air sealing is great. Air sealing will also eliminate pests’ infestation. How do pests enter our homes? Through tiny holes or cracks in our house. That sounds familiar to air leaks, right? This is because they are the same holes, and by sealing them, you will block the path from which pests enter your home. Spray foam insulation is the type of material in which pests cannot feed and live. This is why your house will become pests-proof, with no worries of pests’ infestation, which is one burden less on your shoulders!

Improved Indoor Air Quality

The last benefit that air sealing will have on your home is improved indoor air quality. When you air seal your home, you are sealing the house from the outside air. Outside air quality is not as clean as you might think it is. There are many dust and pollen particles, along with many allergens present in that air.

If you do not air seal your home, the outside air containing all the allergen, dust, and pollen will enter your home and trigger allergic reactions. Moreover, the outside air can also contain harmful microbes that can cause diseases. It is better to air seal your home and stay safe and in peace.

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Air-Sealing Your Home

Air-Sealing Your Home

Air-Sealing Your Home

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