How long should I wait after Spray Foam Insulation is Installed in Chanhassen?

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When Can I Start Using the Rooms where Insulation was Installed?

There’s a number of steps and precautions you should have in place in your home after installing spray foam. Firstly, you should keep in mind that spray foam will take time to both install and set. You should, to be safe, give yourself at least 3-4 days to gather and install materials, and another day to let materials set. If you’re in a time crunch, or would just like the installation process to go smoother, a spray foam insulation expert could get the job done in a day, meaning you’d only have to wait the 24 hours for the insulation to set before using your home like normal. If you’re interested in finding a Spray Foam Insulation Contractor Chanhassen MN, then reach out to Spray Foam Insulation Plus today for help!

Wait at least 24 hours after foam is installed

You should always wait at least 24 hours after the installation of spray foam insulation before using your home. This will give the insulation time to set, which can take up to 24 hours depending on how hot or cold it is outside and what type of foam was used. If you have any questions about when it’s safe to use your home, consult with a professional contractor who knows all about spray foam insulation. The complete process of installing spray foam insulation can take up to a full day. You should always wait at least 24 hours after the installation ended before using your home like normal, though (if you can) it’s best if you wait at least 48 hours before doing so.

Limit foot traffic to the area

While the insulation is still fresh, you should try limiting foot traffic through the area. This will help ensure that the foam doesn’t settle or move around too much during this time. If you have kids, explain to them why it’s important to give the room space while the insulation settles. Finally, make sure that no one sits or stands on top of the foam during this time. The installation process can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day depending on your home and how much insulation needs to be installed.

Avoid drilling into the spray foam

Any drilling you perform while the insulation is still settling won’t be stable, and could potentially leave you with unwanted holes and voids in your foam. If you do need to drill into the insulation, wait at least a few days before doing so. Depending on what you would place in your wall, settling spray foam can move or displace object you’ve placed in the newly installed insulation. For best results, it’s best to contact a local spray foam insulation expert on when you should first be able to start drilling in your home again.

Open doors and windows to keep air flow happening

While this is harder to do during the winter months, even small cracks in your home’s windows can help a lot in increasing air flow throughout your home and speeding up the settling process. That being said, if it is rainy or wet outside, you’ll be better off keeping your windows shut to avoid any unwanted moisture seeping into your home.

Keep the temperature in your home consistent

It’s always better to keep the temperature of your home consistent, as opposed to fluctuating between hot and cold. This will help minimize the amount of moisture that can build up in your walls and ceilings, and will help ease the setting process of your home’s insulation.

Keep pets away

If you have pets, it’s important to keep them away from your home during the setting process. Pets can be very curious, so they may try to get in on the fun and interrupt your insulation installation. If this happens, it could cause a mess or delay the job. Not only that, but your pets could suffer minor to major health problems as a result of direct contact with fresh insulation. Your pets won’t have the goggles or safety equipment that you have to keep themselves safe . So if you want to keep your pets safe, make sure they’re safely tucked away in another room of your house before you begin installing insulation.

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