Places That Need Spray Foam Insulation

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Spray foam insulation is excellent compared to standard fiberglass insulation. This is because it is far more energy-efficient, durable, and has a superior barrier for air and moisture. If your home’s air is too humid or dry, you know it is because of the poor insulation of your house.

There are many more reasons you should insulate your home; we have a separate blog for that. This blog will discuss the places where spray foam insulation is crucial. There are particular places in your home where spray foam insulation works best and proves beneficial for you. Consult our spray foam insulation company if you consider getting it done in your home!

Cathedral Ceilings

The standard fiberglass insulation is suitable for square homes; however, it does not fit into houses that have irregular angles. Cathedral ceilings are a great example of this. Cathedral ceilings have sharp angles that meet at a specific point. Spray foam insulation provides a tight seal that does not let air or water pass through it. The spray foam insulation is great for weird angles because it expands into awkward spaces when it is sprayed. It fills in all the space between the outer structure and the insulation. Why is this beneficial? It prevents water or insects from sitting on top of spaces and increases energy efficiency.


The Attic is another place that can ruin your home’s energy efficiency due to a lack of insulation. That is right! It is because air and moisture can easily escape through it due to improper or no insulation. This means that you might be spending 30-40% more money on your energy bills every month when you could be saving a good 20-30% from that bill. Therefore, please, we urge you to get your Attic insulated adequately with spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation will perfectly fit into the holes and hatches, plumbing vents, behind knee walls, and every weird place in your Attic. It will close tightly all the holes and hard-to-reach spaces through which air and moisture might escape, increasing the energy efficiency of your home. You can contact our company for your attic insulation installation!

Media Rooms & Home Theaters

Rooms where sound is playing are great places where spray foam insulation can be done. This is because apart from sealing your house for any air or moisture escape, spray foam insulation is also great for dampening airborne sound transmission. If less air flows inside from outside, it means your room will be much quieter. It might not look like a lot, but it makes a significant difference in your sound quality and enhances the details in your overall audio experience. It will insulate the room so that you can turn the volume up as much as you want, and no one else in the house will be disturbed. In addition, if there were any loud noises outside, it would not bother you inside. Is that not a great thing? Peace in your home theaters.


Does your house have poor temperature regulation? Does it often get too cold or too hot in your home? If yes, you have a poorly insulated basement. Moreover, you need to get your home properly insulated with spray foam insulation installation. You should also opt for spray foam insulation if your basement is prone to flooding. Basement flooding means that your fiberglass insulation absorbs moisture, resulting in structural damage and mold growth. It would be best for you to opt for closed-cell spray foam insulation, as it is a flood-resistant material.

For more information about our spray foam insulation services, feel free to contact Spray Foam Insulation Plus, the best insulation contractor in Minneapolis, MN, today.

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