Reasons Why Spray Foam is Better Than Fiberglass

Reasons Why Spray Foam is Better Than Fiberglass

Insulation is essential for maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient house. There are a variety of insulation options available, but fiberglass and spray foam are the most popular ones in the market. However, there is always a debate going on about which of the two is better. Therefore, we have written this blog to differentiate the two and let you know why spray foam insulation is much better than fiberglass.


Fiberglass is a composite material made up of extremely tiny fibers. These are made from several recyclable materials, the most common of which, of course, is melted glass. A sticky substance, such as paper or aluminum foil, hold these tiny materials together. This piece-by-piece bonding acts as a vapor barrier, making it an excellent insulator

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is chemically designed to be sprayed into a variety of spaces, including open areas and small holes. The insulation gets sprayed onto the surface and expands into thick foam which is a great insulation material. The foam expands as it covers the space, going into small gaps and corners that regular fiberglass insulation can’t, and filling them up. This helps in the sealing of wood fractures that could allow air infiltration.


Air and moisture are kept out through insulation. Spray foam’s R-value is determined by how well it resists various components. The spray foam is more effective at keeping water and air than fiberglass when the R-value is higher (or in).

Easier To Install

While fiberglass is less expensive, spray foam insulation has a simpler installation technique. Spray foam insulation expands 100 times its original size after a simple spray, whereas fiberglass requires measurement and cutting to suit those wall areas properly. This implies that for spray foam, you won’t have to chop up smaller pieces like fiberglass to fit everything in. All that is needed is for the insulation to be sprayed onto the surface.

Resistance To Moisture

In terms of mold and mildew resistance, spray foam is a great mold and mildew repellent. It is a good alternative for insulation because it can withstand a lot of water infiltration. This is because spray foam insulation is water-impermeable, which means that it does not soak up water. Moreover, it is made up of materials that the mold and mildew cannot feed and grow on. However, fiberglass, on the other hand, can hold water and it loses its insulation properties when it is wet. Moreover, it can also support mold growth.


The spray foam will not settle and will remain in place, ensuring that the system will continue to work without risk of damage. Fiberglass, on the other hand, will need to be inspected and upgraded frequently. The sealing properties of spray foam can also protect your home from dust, allergens, and pollutants, whereas fiberglass can get dusty and cause allergy and respiratory concerns.

What would be better to have?

Spray foam is more expensive, but it appears to be the greatest solution for your property on many levels. Spray foam can prevent cold air from entering your home, whereas fiberglass can leak air, resulting in hotter or cooler temperatures in your home according to the weather.

Closed-cell spray foam insulation even rejects bulk water when it comes to water damage, and provides structural stability to your house. Fiberglass, on the other hand, can hold water and cause damage to your property.

Spray foam insulation has a greater R-value than fiberglass insulation, which makes it a more effective insulator. Another advantage is that spray foam is watertight, but fiberglass breaks when exposed to moisture. Spray foam, on the other hand, requires the services of a professional, whereas fiberglass is simple to install.

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Reasons Why Spray Foam is Better Than Fiberglass

Reasons Why Spray Foam is Better Than Fiberglass

Reasons Why Spray Foam is Better Than Fiberglass

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