Reasons why your insulation might not be working

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Reasons why your insulation might not be working

Many homes have poor insulation, and there are a few obvious reasons. You may feel the chill or see an increase in your electricity bills if your home is poorly insulated. However, there are a few other reasons that can determine that there is a problem with your insulation. In this blog, we will discuss those reasons. Reasons why your insulation might not be working

Freezing walls

Touch the walls all over your house. If the walls feel colder to the touch than the room’s air temp, or if they are damp, you have solid grounds to assume that there are issues with your home insulation.

Cold walls signal that the heat produced by your furnace isn’t staying long enough to keep the walls warm. Not only that but warm air is cooled as it comes into touch with the cold wall and causes condensation on your walls, which makes them damp.

The air is contained in a properly insulated house, and the temperature of the room and walls is constant. When there are insulation issues, it creates a vicious cycle in which your furnace works extra to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Ice dams are forming.

If the snow on your roof begins to melt, you’ll likely notice large ice crystals or ice dams growing in your gutters. Warm air from your attic heats and melts the snow covering your roof, causing water to flow along the edge and into the gutter. When the water freezes in the middle of falling off the roof due to the cold weather outside, ice dams and ice crystals are formed. These can cause serious damage to your roof and gutters.

Holes in the exterior wall

Snowstorms, accidents, and other incidents can cause damage to your external walls (the complete outer walls). I know you’ve been staring at that hole in your siding, hoping to get it fixed someday, but you should get it fixed right away. Walls aim to restrict the warm air inside the room from escaping. So that hole in your wall that you’ve been putting off for fixing is a way for the warm air in your home to escape.

Internal Moisture

Internal moisture can come in a variety of forms. Rainwater may form suddenly around your house, or mist may build on windows and sliding downpipes. When something is continuously cooler than the air temperatures, such as cold walls, it works against the room’s temperature. During colder conditions, uncovered pipes may burst, freeze, or leak, which will be far more costly to fix. Moreover, moisture can quickly turn into a more serious issue, like mold or mildew growth.

What Happens If A Home Is Poorly Insulated?

Though many areas of a house may be poorly insulated, heat loss from the attic is the most usual. Warm air will naturally make its way to the attic since hot air rises. Heat escapes if this space isn’t properly insulated or isn’t insulated at all, causing you to spend substantially higher energy expenses than necessary.

Due to moisture, poor or no insulation can cause dampness and mold on the walls, and even burst pipework that can cause lots of money in loss, wet and decayed woodwork, rust, and similar issues on your metalwork.

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Reasons why your insulation might not be working

Reasons why your insulation might not be working

Reasons why your insulation might not be working

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