Risks Of An Uninsulated Attic

Risks Of An Uninsulated Attic

Do you know that having an uninsulated attic is full of risks for your home? Poor attic insulation is a topic that is not addressed often, but it is a must to learn about its risks. The most harmful risks that are caused by an uninsulated attic are high energy bills, roof damage, and excessive burden on HVAC systems in your home. A home loses around 25% of its heat through the attic if it is not properly insulated.

Energy Bills

Having an uninsulated attic causes the HVAC system to work harder, in both the summer and winter. The HVAC system is intended to circulate a certain temperature of air through the house until it reaches that temperature. And to create that certain temperature it is a must to have a properly insulated attic. So that the air does not escape. If your home is not well insulated, your HVAC system will have to work longer and harder.

The heating and cooling provided by your air conditioning system will immediately escape your home from the uninsulated attic or air leaks in the attic, which will cause the HVAC system to work harder, and because of this, the electricity bills rise. Heating and cooling systems have to work harder to replace lost air during temperature fluctuations when insulation isn’t done properly. Unfortunately, the result is always a rise in energy bills. Insulated attic floors help regulate the temperature within a home.

Roof Damage

During the winters in Minnesota, poor attic insulation allows the heat from your house to melt the snow on your roof and causes roof damage. The melted snow seeps through the roof into your room and makes the temperature of your home uneven. The water can go underneath the shingles and expand as the water freezes into ice, and move the shingles out of place. Water seeps through the roof into the attic and exterior walls, often causing mold or damage to the house’s structure.

HVAC Risks

The poor your attic insulation is, the harder your HVAC system will have to work. More and more repairs needed to be done. The better your attic insulation, the more efficient and longer your HVAC system will run.

Moisture Accumulation

Older homes that are poorly insulated often experience an increase in moisture accumulation in their attics. Air can also seep from small cracks and areas, the impact of infiltrating moisture into those areas can be incredibly damaging for your home. Not only does moisture damage your roof and attic walls but it also creates molds and mildew or other fungi in your home.

Hot Air Rises

As the air gets heated up, the molecules expand and become lighter, causing them to rise. If you’re heating the air in your home, all of it is going to rise. Without insulation in the attic, that warm air is going to rise and escape right out through the attic roof and cause temperature fluctuations. As the warm air escapes, your furnace will need to continue to run to keep the house warm, leading to higher energy bills.

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Risks Of An Uninsulated Attic

Risks Of An Uninsulated Attic

Risks Of An Uninsulated Attic

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