Signs That Your Home Is Poorly Insulated

Signs That Your Home Is Poorly Insulated

Whether it’s cold winters or hot humid summers it’s a must to ensure one thing, and that is if your home is perfectly insulated. Your home should be able to regulate its temperature evenly and maintain a comfortable climate throughout your home. It is easy to understand how spray foam insulation makes your home safer and more structured. However, if your home’s Insulation is poorly and unprofessionally insulated, it can cause problems for you. In this article, we will discuss some signs of poor insulation. Signs That Your Home Is Poorly Insulated

Rising of Energy Bills

A steady increase in energy/heating bills of your home means that your insulation is not efficiently working. It means that it is not the job it is supposed to do and needs to get replaced. By inspecting your energy bills you can tell if your home is under-insulated or not. As it starts to wear out, the gas and electric bill may go up. If you notice a sharp rise in your energy bills it means that your home is poorly insulated.

Your house might have air leaks or poor insulation because of which HVAC systems have to work harder and for a longer time to maintain the temperature inside your home. This will drain more electricity because it struggles to achieve the temperature of your home which causes high energy bills. This shows that your house insulation is not installed properly or is too old to efficiently do its work, and it needs to be replaced.

Uneven Climate Inside The House

When you notice that the humidity level in your home is rising or your home’s temperature is uneven, it means your home insulation is not working well and need to get replaced. Your rooms are either too hot or too cold, depending on the weather.

When your insulation gets old or if it’s not installed properly despite being newly installed, it will be difficult to circulate heat evenly throughout your home. If you are constantly adjusting the thermostat to stay comfortable, it may be because the insulation in your home is not working efficiently. Your insulation is not able to distribute heat uniformly in your house.

When a house has air leaks or is poorly insulated, humidity and dryness levels increase. This is because excessive external air enters your home through the air leaks and makes the atmosphere of your house more humid in summers and drier in winters. Moreover, dust comes in through air leaks as well, which makes your house look untidy and dirty. It can also contain allergens that cause allergic reactions.

Cold Floors, Ceiling, and Walls

Have you ever touched the walls of your home or walked barefoot on the floor and felt very cold, it’s because of poor insulation or air leaks in your home. The floor, ceiling, and walls get cold as the cool air from outside enters your home through the air leaks. Even if your home is insulated, if it’s not done properly, your house might still have air leaks. However, properly and professionally installed insulation will keep your home warm and comfortable.

Insects/Bugs in Your Attic

Have you noticed a rise in insects inside your home, especially in your attics such as rodents, bugs, cockroaches, mice, cat fleas, lizards, etc.? If yes, it means your home is poorly insulated and has leaks in your attic which causes an increase in bugs and insects in your home. These all insects are tiny and can get through small air leaks inside your home and make it dirty and uncomfortable. They also cause harmful diseases and viruses. However, you can eliminate this by getting your home professionally insulated.

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Signs That Your Home Is Poorly Insulated

Signs That Your Home Is Poorly Insulated

Signs That Your Home Is Poorly Insulated

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