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Spray Foam Insulation Company Vadnais Heights MNThe average homeowner can expect their home to increase in value by $15,000 over the first five years after they’ve moved into it. While home values aren’t guaranteed to rise, there are ways to make sure that your home increases its resale value by installing insulation in it. In this post we’ll discuss how insulation helps protect against heat loss and moisture build-up, improves energy efficiency, and keeps pests away from your home.  Spray Foam Insulation Company Vadnais Heights MN

Improve Energy Efficiency

Insulation is the single most important thing you can do to protect your home. Insulating your home reduces heat transfer, which means that it keeps your house warm during the winter and cool in the summer. It also increases comfort in general and makes your home much more energy efficient.

Insulation also helps protect your house from extreme weather conditions such as tornadoes or hurricanes by reducing wind pressure on its walls.

Avoid Mold and Pest Issues

Mold and pests aren’t just an annoyance—they can be detrimental to your health and the structural integrity of your home. If you have mold or pests in your home, it’s important to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Getting rid of these issues is a good investment for several reasons: you’ll be able to enjoy breathing clean air, avoid the harmful effects that mold spores have on your body (and especially children’s), and avoid paying large amounts of money later in rehab costs when the damage becomes too extensive.

Build a Better Home Environment.

Insulation can help you achieve a better home environment.

Insulating your home can improve air quality, as it traps airborne pollutants and bacteria before they enter your living space. This is especially useful if you have allergies or asthma, as the right insulation solution will keep allergens like dust mites, pollen, and pet dander out of your home. In addition to improving air quality by limiting these allergens’ access to your residence, insulation also reduces noise pollution from outside sources—such as construction projects happening nearby or traffic on the street below—that can otherwise be disruptive to family life in an apartment building or condo complex.

Another benefit of insulating walls is that it helps reduce condensation on cold surfaces within the structure’s interior walls by blocking airflow from outside sources such as wind-driven rainstorms (which can lead to damage if left untreated). Condensation forms on cold surfaces because warm moisture within indoor spaces mixes with colder temperatures outdoors; this process creates water droplets that collect on windowsills before dripping down onto furniture below them when temperatures rise again later in summer months after sun exposure has dried off excess moisture in materials like wood floors (which could rot away over time). By keeping warm air contained within rooms where people spend most of their time during winter months so that its temperature doesn’t drop below 70 degrees Fahrenheit overnight while everyone’s sleeping soundly upstairs without noticing anything amiss until morning rolls around again.”

A Safer Home For Your Family

Spray foam insulation is also an excellent way to protect your family from fire. This type of insulation creates a barrier that keeps oxygen from reaching the heated areas of your home. If a fire starts in the basement, it can be contained there by the spray foam insulation and will not spread to other parts of the house.

For many people, mold is a major concern when thinking about insulating their home. Mold grows well in damp environments and can cause health problems if it reaches levels that make it visible in your home’s air or on its surfaces. Newer homes are often built with materials that allow moisture into places where it would normally be dried out, so if you live in an older house or are considering renovating one for resale value reasons, adding some form of moisture control will help prevent mold from growing inside walls and under floors as well as making it less likely for any existing molds to grow back once they have been removed

Increase Financial Savings

Insulating your home can help you save money on energy bills and make it more comfortable to live in. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that a well-insulated home can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 30% over a 20 -year period, which is significant when you consider that quality insulation can be an upfront investment for homeowners but one that pays for itself in the long run.

The best part? You don’t have to take our word for it—there are many studies that show this is true! For example, according to one study conducted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), homes with R-49 attic insulation save $304 annually compared with those with R-19 attic insulation (a difference of 44%). Another LBNL study found that homes with R-49 basement walls save $225 annually compared with those without any basement wall insulation at all (a difference of 73%).

Increasing the Value of Your Home for Resale

Insulation, like many other home improvements, can save you money. But it also increases the resale value of your home. This means that if you sell your home in 20 years and need to move into a smaller place, insulation will help pay for itself in just one or two additional sales.

The amount of energy that is wasted through heating and cooling depends on how well insulated the house is. The more insulation there is, the more heat can be kept inside during cold months and released during warm ones. This saves homeowners money on their heating and cooling bills every month because they don’t have to turn up their thermostats as high as they would otherwise need to do so in order to stay comfortable throughout all seasons of year.

Spray Foam Insulation Company Vadnais Heights MN

We hope this helps you increase the value of your home for resale. If you’re looking for someone to help with the job, we have a team of insulation contractors who can help you find a solution that meets all of your needs. Give us a call today at Spray Foam Insulation Plus in Vadnais Heights, Minnesota!

Spray Foam Insulation Company Vadnais Heights MN

Spray Foam Insulation Company Vadnais Heights MN

Spray Foam Insulation Company Vadnais Heights MN

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