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Spray Foam Insulation Contractor Bloomington MN

The Benefits of Insulating your Home

We’ve all heard that installing insulation is a good idea, but what are the benefits of insulating your home? Is it really worth it? What are you insulating against when installing attic insulation? This article will answer these questions and more. If you’re interested in finding a Spray Foam Insulation Contractor  Bloomington MN, then reach out to Spray Foam Insulation Plus today for help!

Structural Support

When using spray foam insulation to keep your home insulated and safe, you may be surprised to learn about the structural support that this type of insulation offers. Spray foam insulation is made from polyurethane, which is a type of plastic. The insulation is sprayed onto the underside of your home’s roof and walls in liquid form, where it hardens into a solid. This process creates a layer that can support the weight of your home’s structure when it is applied correctly.


The most obvious benefit to installing spray foam insulation is the insulation that it provides. The foam creates an airtight seal that keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, saving you money on energy bills. Spray foam also helps to keep out moisture from outside sources, such as rain or snow, which, if left alone, can lead to damage of your home’s structure over time.

Reduced Energy Bills

Finding an effective insulation will greatly improve the energy efficiency of your home, which means that you’ll see a decrease in the amount of money you spend on heating and cooling. You may even be able to lower or eliminate your monthly utility bills by using spray foam insulation as an insulating material for your home. This is especially useful if you live in an area that experiences extreme temperatures during certain seasons of the year.

Improves Air Quality

If you’re concerned about breathing in unhealthy particles, such as mold spores or dust mites, then spray foam insulation can be an effective solution. It can help to prevent these contaminants from entering your home and causing respiratory issues by preventing air leaks around windows and doors. If you’re concerned about the toxins that may be present in your home, then spray foam insulation is a great option. It can help to reduce the amount of air pollutants and other contaminants that are capable of entering your home through cracks and gaps in its structure. This makes it ideal for use with homes that have been renovated or remodeled before being sold on the market.

Less Condensation or Mold

Because of spray foam insulation’s water-resistant properties, it can help to prevent condensation and mold from forming on the inside of your walls. This can be especially beneficial in humid climates, where moisture is often a problem. Mold and mildew can cause negative health conditions for you and your family, and can even cause structural problems in your home. The benefits of using spray foam insulation are many. While it does have a higher upfront cost than traditional fiberglass insulation, the long-term benefits make it well worth the initial investment.

Improved Comfort

Spray foam insulation can also help to improve your home’s energy efficiency and make it more comfortable to live in. This is because the material acts as an insulator, keeping heat inside during the winter and outside during the summer. It also helps with air flow, which can prevent mold and mildew from growing on your walls.

Reduces outside noise

Spray foam insulation can also help to reduce outside noise. This is because the material helps to minimize the transfer of sound waves, which can make your home much more quiet and peaceful. You may have not realized it, but if you’d like to find ways to improve the sound-proofing of your home, spray foam insulation can be an excellent way to do so.

Improves your home’s resale value

The benefits of spray foam insulation do not end with the interior of your home. The material can also help to improve its resale value, which can save you money if you ever decide to sell your property some day. This is because it helps to reduce energy use, which makes it more environmentally friendly while also saving you money on utility bills every month.

If you are looking for a professional spray foam insulation contractor near Bloomington MN, reach out to your trusted insulation company, Spray Foam Insulation Plus. We will help install the insulation and answer any questions you may have about insulation.

At Spray Foam Insulation Plus, we’d be happy to offer you the benefits that Spray Foam Insulation has to offer, such as: Waterproofing, Attic Insulation, Energy Insulation Rebates, and more! Contact us today for more information on just what Spray Foam Insulation Plus can do for you and your family. We are your local spray foam insulation contractor in Bloomington Minnesota and would love to help you today!

Spray Foam Insulation Contractor Bloomington MN

Spray Foam Insulation Contractor Bloomington MN

Spray Foam Insulation Contractor Bloomington MN

Spray Foam Insulation Contractor Bloomington MN

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