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Spray Foam Insulation Richfield Minnesota

Air leakage is the outside air that enters the house uncontrollably through cracks and air holes. You may be aware of many areas in your home with air leaks, but if not, there are many signs which can tell you that your home has air leaks  Moreover, you can check your attic, basement, and crawl spaces for any cracks and gaps, and openings from where cold air may be entering your house. Air-leaks can disrupt the constant temperature of your home. You can try doing a smoke test to detect Air-leaks. However, there are other ways to detect it as well. In this article, we will discuss some of the signs that tell you that your home has air leaks. Spray Foam Insulation Richfield Minnesota

High Monthly Energy Bills

If your energy bills are high, it means your house has air leaks. This is because the HVAC systems are working for a longer time and drain more power, which causes higher energy bills. This shows that your house may have air leaks.

The HVAC system struggles to achieve the desired constant temperature. This is because the inside air keeps escaping from the air leaks. It becomes a continuous loop in which you pay more money than you should, for the cooling or heating systems of your home even if it is not comforting. The HVAC system is constantly running because of which the monthly bill increases.

High Humidity levels 

When a house has air leaks, humidity and dryness level increases because excessive external air enters through the leaks. This makes the atmosphere inside the home more humid in summers and drier in winters. This is a sign that the house is not properly insulated and air-sealed. Moreover, dust particles also enter your home through air leaks and make your home dusty and dirty.

Uneven Temperature 

If you have noticed that your home has uneven temperature, it is a sign that your home has air leaks. To overcome this, you should get air sealing done. Over time, the ventilation and ductwork of the house accumulate dirt and dust, which can block the distribution of temperature in your home due to which the environment gets uncomfortable and dusty. The inside temperature starts mixing up with the outside one, which makes the house temperature uneven.


Many people suffer from allergies or some respiratory issues, and air leaks can increase these allergies. Air leaks can make you feel uncomfortable in your own house. They can put your comfort at risk because they allow airborne particles from the outside to enter your home. Outside air brings with it various types of air particles, including dust, pollen, mold, and more. Inhalation of such particles can be harmful to your health. If you do not have allergies, you might develop one due to dirty air inside your home. Therefore, it is better to get your house air sealed and insulated.

Insect/Pest Infestations

Insects start coming from the air leaks into your homes, such as bugs, lizards, cockroaches, etc. These insects are tiny and can pass through small air leaks and make your house dirty and uncomfortable. To get rid of them, you need to get the holes and air leaks sealed.

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Spray Foam Insulation Richfield Minnesota

Spray Foam Insulation Richfield Minnesota

Spray Foam Insulation Richfield Minnesota

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