The best places to install spray foam insulation

The best places to install spray foam insulation

Spray foam insulation is a sort of insulation that creates an air barrier, which keeps outside air out of the inside of your home. Spray foam can be sprayed into rim joists, attics, crawl spaces, and new buildings. It can also be used to improve the existing structure and insulation of buildings, commercial projects, and pole huts. Spray foam is the best and most essential option for: The best places to install spray foam insulation

  • Basement Insulation
  • Attic Insulation
  • Crawl space Insulation


Spray foam is a great way to insulate normally wet areas, such as your basement. It offers full moisture protection, air sealing when correctly installed, and longer life than other insulations. Less moisture equals less mold, which means a healthier environment. By installing basement insulation, you will reduce the amount of cold absorption and the risk of frozen pipes in the winter.

Thick foam boards are also a good option, but spray foam is the safest option for internal foundation insulation. Basement wall insulation can be installed on either the exterior or interior side of the wall or both sides of the wall too.


The attic is one of the places where the majority of energy is lost, however, it’s a simple fix! Because insulation helps keep both summer heat and winter cold out of your home, a well-insulated attic will save your heating and cooling expenses, making it one of the smartest parts of your home to insulate.

Spraying foam insulation into the ceilings or the floors of your attic will help prevent cold spots and possibly dangerous chunks of ice from forming in winters. It will also help prevent mold growth on the wooden structure where it is applied. Spray foam insulation insulates your home while also reducing air leakage.

Crawl space

An insulated crawl space helps to minimize moisture problems, control temperature, and protect pipes in and around your home’s base. Whether or not a crawl area is vented, affects the insulation as well. The subfloor and floor beams are more important to insulate in ventilated crawl areas. You can solve all of these problems at once by installing spray foam crawl space insulation.

The benefits of installing Spray Foam Insulation

You’ll gain a lot of benefits from spray foam insulation if you install it in your home, such as:

  • Lower Monthly energy bills
  • All-year-round comfort at home
  • Outside noises are muted (and noise from room to room and floor to floor)
  • Air leaks have decreased.
  • Improvements in the performance of the air conditioning and heating systems
  • Virus, dirt, and other tiny particles are less common in your home.

As you can see, spray foam insulation offers a lot of ease and benefits, it is the best choice for home insulation. Always get spray foam insulation installed by an experienced professional. Contact us, if you are interested in spray foam insulation services.

For more information about our spray foam insulation services, feel free to contact Spray Foam Insulation Plus, the best insulation contractors in Bloomington MN, today.

The best places to install spray foam insulation

The best places to install spray foam insulation

The best places to install spray foam insulation

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