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Brainerd Spray Foam Insulation

Air sealing is the process of finding and closing all of your home’s tiny cracks, cranes, spaces, and open stitches (and believe me, your home has more holes than you might think). An air-sealed house will have higher energy efficiency. Moreover, the dryness or humidity in the weather will be less inside your home. Brainerd Spray Foam Insulation

Why do homeowners want to keep the air in their homes?

Homes that are not air-sealed with insulation have 3-4 times more air change than required. By air change, I am referring to air escaping from inside your home, and outside air coming into your home. This results in wasting more electricity. Air sealing eliminates the flow of excess air into and out of your home.

In your home, where should you air-seal?

This is a common question that is asked everywhere, “What places should I air-seal in my house?”. When it comes to ventilation in your home, our focus is mainly on the foundation and the attic. This is because these are the two most common sources of unwanted air exchange and we want to eliminate unwanted air exchange.

Sealing the foundation

Small cracks and crevices are present in the foundation and the attic of your house. When the weather is windy, more than usual unwanted air exchange happens through them. Therefore, it is very important to seal these gaps to decrease the excessive air exchange. With Spray Foam Insulation, all of these cracks and holes are sealed properly.

Non-ventilation in the basement

Spray foam Insulation also protects against fire-retardant boxes, which are covered at the top and closed at the edges of lighting fixtures.

Four standard air sealing myths

Myth 1: Closing the air in your home can make you feel trapped.

In the summer, the house can absorb warm air if the windows are not closed properly.

An air-conditioned house can be cold on the first floor, and a fire may be burning up in the winter.

Myth 2: Houses that do not have clean ventilation are also at risk of overheating.

Ventilation closures reduce the amount of airflow in the home.

Houses built in the twentieth century, or earlier have so much more airflow that there is enough space for ventilation while maintaining proper circulation.

It will withstand adverse conditions when the job is done properly.

A lot of harmful moisture is brought in by outside air and moisture.

It is crucial to work with qualified professionals who understand how to properly seal the air and keep the outside air from entering.

If your home is not well ventilated, it can cause illness in your family. You need protection from harmful airborne microorganisms.

Is air sealing worth it?

Air sealing your home is an investment that pays off in terms of energy efficiency, comfort, and the value of your home. The EPA believes that proper air sealing and installation of insulation will save you 15% on heating and cooling bills. It’s never fun to feel uncomfortable in your own home, and air sealing can help make your home a lot more comfortable.

For more information about our spray foam insulation services, feel free to contact Spray Foam Insulation Plus, the best insulation contractors in Brainerd MN, today.

Brainerd Spray Foam Insulation

Brainerd Spray Foam Insulation

Brainerd Spray Foam Insulation

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