What is Spray Foam Insulation? (Part 2)

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Spray Foam Insulation What

If you are considering new insulation in your home, it is good to make sure you research certain types before committing to one material. Spray foam insulation is an excellent choice because it has many benefits. Continue reading to find out how installing spray foam insulation in your home can help it be a more comfortable living space for you:

Prevents Mold and Mildew

There are few things more frustrating than a moldy basement or a house that never seems to stay warm. Plumbing leaks, poor construction, and high humidity levels can all contribute to these issues—but spray foam insulation is one solution for keeping your home safe from the dangers of moisture. When spray foam is applied to the desired area, the foam expands as it cures and creates thick foam walls around whatever surface it has been applied to—in this case, your home’s framing and foundation. If moisture has been seeping into your basement through cracks in the foundation or other openings, spray foam insulation will act as a sealant; it closes up holes while also creating an air-tight barrier around the entire perimeter of the room (or building). This type of insulation also provides thermal protection by preventing heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer through cracks—in turn helping you cut down on energy bills. Spray foam insulation provides many benefits; but above all else, it prevents mold growth by sealing up any spaces where water could be trapped against framing or loose siding. If you want your home to stay pleasant year-round without having to worry about mold or mildew growth, then spray foam insulation is a great way to prevent these to keep your come comfortable and safe!

Improve Home’s Ability to Become Energy Efficient

Once the material is cured, it can improve your home’s ability to become energy efficient. Since spray foam forms a total seal against air, dust, and moisture that can slip through other insulator materials, you can lower your heating and cooling costs by up to 40 percent after installation. Spray foam insulation also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, since it lowers your need for fossil fuels used in utility services. Finally, spray foam has another advantage over traditional insulation: noise reduction. It works as an effective sound barrier so you can enjoy quiet time at home even if you live in a busy area.

Sound Dampening

Spray foam has the quality of sound dampening. You may want this noise reduction in your home for multiple reasons. It can help reduce noise that travels between rooms so you and your housemates do not disturb each other as much. It can be distracting to hear everything going on in the next room, especially if you are someone that works from home. Spray foam fills all gaps and small holes within your walls so that fewer sound waves are able to travel through the walls. When there are not as many sound waves that travel between rooms, then you can have the peace and quiet you need at the end of the day. 

Spray foam insulation has the qualities of mold and mildew prevention, energy efficiency, and sound dampening. If you think these qualities will benefit your home well, then you may want to have a professional spray foam contractor install insulation in your home. Spray Foam Insulation Plus is your local insulation cntractor located in Brainerd, MN. We would love to help with your next home project. Contact us today!

Spray Foam Insulation What

Spray Foam Insulation What

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