Things that make your home less energy efficient

Things that make your home less energy efficient

Upgrades to your house’s insulation can provide you the best return on investment when it comes to energy-efficiency upgrades as part of a home remodel. Choosing the correct sort of house insulation for your renovation project will help you conserve energy in your home during both the heating and cooling seasons. Things that make your home less energy efficient

Reasons Why Your Home Is Less Energy Efficient

When we try to keep our homes warm in winters and cool in summers, and they aren’t insulated, the heat finds ways to escape (in the winter) and enter (in the summer). Insulation acts as a barrier between your home’s indoor air and the outside air, decreasing the rate at which heat escapes or enters. So, let’s see different reasons why your home is not energy efficient.

Materials For Construction

The building materials are mostly determined by the builders. if in temperate climates, heavy concrete and brick will not be used, they will not absorb and release heat and it will trap heat in your house. And for this, you will use cooling products. This will make your house less energy efficient. However, by insulating your home with spray foam, heat will be blocked from entering your home, and your home will remain cool.

Draft-Proofing And Ventilation

If ventilation is not considered while designing internal building layouts, including door and window placement, it can decrease the energy efficiency of your home. At the same time, if you don’t use weather stripping to seal gaps around doors and the windows of your house, and spray foam insulation to seal the holes in your attic, it will cause air leakage. This will allow the outside cool air to enter your home, where it’s not wanted. At this point, you will need a high-power heater to make the temperature of your house warm. And this surely is not pocket friendly.

The Building’s Orientation And Layout

Living spaces and primary windows that do not face north can’t capture the winter sun and lessen the need for night-time heating. Not keeping living areas and windows facing west, and to a lesser extent east, as small as possible, will not keep the summer heat out when it’s at its hottest. Additionally, it will not reduce the need for artificial cooling either.

Best Insulation Choice For Your Home: Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is a type of insulation that is sprayed directly onto the walls, ceilings, and other surfaces that require insulation. Spray foam insulation effectively fills cracks and holes, offers a good air barrier, and is very energy efficient. By keeping heat inside your home and blocking cold from entering your home, spray foam helps you save a lot of energy. One of the most common causes of high energy bills is air leakage, and lack of proper insulation.

Attic Insulation

In a normal home, heating and cooling bills can account for 50-70 percent of overall energy consumption. This means you’re losing a lot of energy if your home’s hot or cold air is lost. It is vital to take steps to prevent this loss while thinking about how to make your home more environmentally friendly. Any area where you can avoid wasting energy is always worth concentrating on, should be insulated.

You can lower the amount of energy required to keep your house at a comfortable temperature just by adding insulation to your attic. It will help you save money on your energy bills. Because your heating and air conditioning units must combat any changes in your home’s temperature, leaving regions where significant shifts can occur exposes your home to danger.

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Things that make your home less energy efficient

Things that make your home less energy efficient

Things that make your home less energy efficient

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