Why Spray Foam Insulation Is The Best Choice For Home Insulation

Why Spray Foam Insulation Is The Best Choice For Home Insulation

Many homemakers or builders use spray-foam insulation because it fills holes and seals them while also providing insulation. These foams produce a barrier that helps to construct a super-efficient building envelope by expanding to fill a complete cavity and hard-to-see fissures. Why Spray Foam Insulation Is The Best Choice For Home Insulation

Because of its energy efficiency and comfort benefits, spray foam insulation is installed in many homes today. At the same time, existing homeowners are electing to upgrade their houses and attics with spray foam insulation. Pole barns can also be coated with spray foam, which is why we may call spray foam an excellent choice for covering them as well.

What Is Spray Foam Insulation And How Does It Work?

Spray foam insulation functions as an air barrier and provides thermal insulation, keeping outside cool air out of the home’s wall, floor, and ceiling cavities. This includes the regions around outlets and light fixtures, as well as the intersections of walls, windows, and doors.

Spray foam can be sprayed into open cavities such as attics, crawl spaces, and rim joists in new construction. Moreover, it can also be used on existing residences, commercial constructions, and pole barns. As long as the cavities are accessible and there is access, spray foam insulation can be used to cover it all.

Spray Foam Insulation Offers Numerous Benefits

There are numerous reasons to upgrade your insulation, but why you should choose to spray foam insulation over other options?

  • Spray foam insulation is a high-end product that homeowners select for a variety of reasons, amongst which, many choose it due to its material.
  • It’s good for your wallet. Yes, even though it is a little expensive, it pays you off in the future.
  • Spray foam can help you lower your bills. If you’re paying too much for your energy bills all year because your home can’t maintain a stable temperature, it’s because there is no proper insulation installed.

When sprayed properly throughout the house, spray foam insulation seals the entire building, preventing air from leaking through the now sealed holes. Because your home’s air leaks are reduced, your HVAC systems will not have to work as hard. As a consequence, you will save money on your monthly energy bills. Just install spray foam insulation in your home, and see the difference!

Is Spray Foam Insulation Harmful?

If you’re considering spray foam insulation, you’ve certainly heard horror stories about off-gassing and excessive VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. This just raises the concerns of people for whether or not spray foam is safe to use in their homes.

Not all spray foam is made similarly, and not all spray foam is of the same quality. You must understand that it entirely depends on the materials that a contractor uses, how he mixes the chemicals, and how he installs them. Spray foam insulation is not a child’s play, not everyone can do it. This is why it is strictly forbidden to use DIY spray foam insulation kits and try installing them yourself just to save money. Keep in mind that quality comes with a price, if you invest in good quality insulation, you will live peacefully in your home for years.

Spray foam insulation produces off-gassing, however, the amount varies depending on the product. Off-gassing and odor can be hazardous to one’s health, but only in significant quantities. This is why you should look for materials that are labeled “low-VOC” while researching spray foam insulation. Moreover, the odors are only temporary, your contractor will tell you this too that you cannot enter the house for 24 hours after installation.

Final Thoughts

Spray foam insulation is a wonderful alternative for filling up cracks and spaces in general. It can also be installed without tearing down existing walls. There might be some bad stories about it, however, if you hire a professional like us, those bad stories will not be yours!

For more information about our spray foam insulation services, feel free to contact Spray Foam Insulation Plus, the best insulation contractors in Brainerd MN, today.

Why Spray Foam Insulation Is The Best Choice For Home Insulation

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