Advantages of Spray Foam Insulation for commercial buildings in Minneapolis

Advantages of Spray Foam Insulation for commercial buildings in Minneapolis

Spray foam insulation is a material used for insulating commercial buildings. It acts as an air barrier that seals cavities present in walls, floors, and ceilings against air movement. The benefits of spray foam insulation for commercial buildings in Minneapolis are discussed in this article.

Why spray foam insulation?

  •         Spray foam insulation is widely used in houses, offices, and commercial buildings because of its ideal insulation for small gaps and long-lasting service properties.
  •         Design flexibility dominates spray foam insulation over other insulations.

Advantages of spray foam insulation in Minneapolis

Here are the advantages of spray foam insulation for commercial buildings in Minneapolis

#1 Sound deadening property

Spray foam insulated houses are usually much quieter because of their sound “Deadening” properties. It reduces noise, very little noise from the outside will come into your house even if it is located in the busiest area.

#2 Energy-efficient efficient insulation

Spray foam insulation has an R factor of about 3.5 to 3.7 per inch. It covers nooks and small gaps effectively. It provides an excellent air barrier and is extremely energy efficient. This is because it prevents heat and cold from entering the thermal envelope. It reduces high energy bills by insulating air leaks.  

#3 Provide cooler attic temperatures

Spray foam insulation extends beyond the wall in a way that completely seals your home. Going up into the ceiling, across the rafters, and over the roof deck, it has the ability to seal the entire roof deck, so the temperature in the attic remains within a few degrees of the temperature. Air conditioners in sealed buildings work more efficiently and last longer.

#4 Reduce dust

Another benefit of installing spray insulation is a clean and clear, or dust-free home.  Because the dust factor in a spray foam home is minimal, spray insulation adds a factor of cleanliness to your home.  

#5 Design flexibility

Spray foam insulation has versatility and unparalleled ability to fill small crannies. Along with this, it also allows design flexibility that other insulations do not offer. You can build the home of your dreams with the bonus of superior comfort and decoration.

#6 Less maintenance

Spray foam insulation if applied properly does not need maintenance or replacing. But other insulations need regular check-in-balance to R-value and prevent mildew issues.

#7 Moisture barrier

Moisture has the worst influence on the structural integrity of your home because it can lead to rotting roof shingles. Spray foam insulation’s air barrier properties help mitigate the problem by reducing the risks of moisture seeping into your home.

#8 Spray foam insulation is sustainable

Designs that require regular maintenance usually scare homeowners away. Spray foam insulations are sustainable and save one’s time and money by extending the life of everything in the building, from drywall to floor carpets.


In commercial buildings, you and your architect have a large number of innovative and specialized decisions to make. The decision on insulation is very important and critical. The best approach is to hire an experienced and skilled contractor such as Spray Foam Insulation Plus to make a well-informed decision. We are very passionate about providing money-saving insulation solutions to our customers in Minneapolis. Get in touch with us now for an estimate!

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