How Much Does a DIY Spray Foam Insulation Kit Cost in Shakopee?

How Much Does a DIY Spray Foam Insulation Kit Cost in Shakopee?

Spray foam insulation is popularly known as a flexible and ideal method for insulation. The use of insulation kits makes the job much easier and saves you a significant amount of money. A DIY spray foam insulation kit, usually called a frothing pack, is a low-pressure polyurethane spray foam solution. DIY spray foam insulation kits are available in different sizes and price ranges.

Here is a complete guide on how much a DIY spray foam insulation kit costs.

Why use DIY spray foam insulation kits?

There are many benefits of using spray foam insulation kits such as:

  •         Low-pressure spray foam insulation kits work best to insulate rim joists, crawl spaces, doors, and headers of windows.
  •         An experienced homeowner can install the DIY spray foam for small projects easily.
  •         DIY spray foam insulation kits are perfect for small areas; for example, if you just need to fill in a very small area, then these kits are the most affordable DIY solution.

The cost factors for DIY spray foam insulation kit

A major deciding factor in calculating the cost of a spray foam insulation kit is the type of kit. Is it closed-cell or open-cell?

Closed-cell foam is usually more rigid, compact, and stable than open-cell foam, which makes it a good choice for insulating spaces whose structural integrity and inside walls you want to augment. However, it is more expensive than other options.

Open-cell spray foam is very affordable. The cost of an open-cell DIY spray foam depends on the surface area you want to insulate. You can find DIY kits for a minimum of $40 0. These usually contain 12 to 15 board feet.

Touch ‘n Foam Spray Foam Kit Cost

  •         15 Board Foot 2-components Spray Foam kit is ideal for patching old insulation or insulating doors and windows. It cost approximately $48.21
  •         200 Board Foot 2-components Spray Foam Kit is best for medium-sized projects; for example, for sealing basement sill plates and joists. It cost almost $364.

Dow Spray Foam Kit Cost

  •         Froth-Pak 12 Sealant Foam Insulation Kit is considered ideal for roof and wall junctions, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing penetrations, and costs approximately $49.54.
  •         Froth-Pak 200 Foam Sealant Kit gives coverage of 200-square-feet with a 1-inch depth. It cost about $339

Tiger Foam Insulation Cost

  •         Fast Rise Formula 200 & 600 Board Foot Kit is a closed-cell type kit used in open walls, and crawl spaces. The price range is between $360 to $645.
  •         Slow Rise Formula 200 &600 Board Kit is most suitable for old walls. It costs about $385-$650.
  •         Quick Cure Formula – 200 &600 Board Feet Kits are mostly used for open walls and cost about  $315-$640


Hiring an experienced spray foam insulation contractor is advisable because it saves you from the headache of a mishap or wasting your materials. At Spray Foam Insulation Plus, we provide the best spray foam insulation services at affordable rates. Contact our experts in Shakopee to get a no-obligation quote today!

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