Dangers of Spray Foam Insulation: How to Protect Your Home

Dangers of Spray Foam Insulation in Coon Rapids: How to Protect Your Home

Last Updated on July 3, 2024 by Spray Foam Insulation Plus

Spray foam insulation has become increasingly popular in the past few years in both residential and commercial construction. It is a more energy-efficient alternative than old traditional fiberglass insulation. It is used to create vapor and moisture barriers. Here dangers of spray foam insulation are discussed that you should know before going to have insulation.

Dangers of Spray Foam Insulation

While having numerous insulative qualities some dangers are also associated with spray foam insulation, its dangers are discussed here:

Dangers to homeowner’s health

Although manufacturers claim that Spray foam insulation is “Green” it means “Environmentally Friendly,” but still has much danger to the health of homeowners or installers. Spray foam insulation is made up of chemical isocyanates that can cause severe skin and lung sensitization. Spray foam insulation also irritates the skin and mucous membranes in our bodies like the eyes.

Spray foam insulation can miss cracks in walls

During the application of spray foam, the foam expands rapidly. There are chances it doesn’t reach all of them properly while growing, and these gaps hurt the insulation’s performance. This can cause premature damage to the home walls and roof. Because the homeowner will not be aware of this damage, huge damage will occur before it can be noticeable.

Spray foam insulation sometimes causes water damage to the home 

If gaps are left behind after insulation, your home is at higher risk of water damage. Because air is trapped in these left pockets, water will be encouraged to enter. This mess would eventually lead to structural damages or its removal may cost more.

Spray foam insulation can shrink

Spray foam insulation has a longer life span, so it can start shrinking with time. Shrinkage reduces the insulation’s insulative qualities. This shrinkage occurs mostly in homes located in geographic regions where extreme temperature differences occur. When Spray foam insulation starts to pull away from the framing, it can destroy your interior design and leave your home drafty.

How to protect yourself and your home?

  •         Make sure that your spray foam insulation contractor installs it properly and employs quality control & assurance protocols.
  •         You should Follow current EPA recommendations on a safe approach before installation
  •         If you are a homeowner or building manager or employee in a building in which insulation will be installed, follow EPA’s Steps to Control Exposure.
  •         Hire professional contractors who have legal licenses and certificates so they can minimize these dangers while working at your home.
  •         You should leave your home, according to the instruction of an experienced professional, and wait at least 24 hours.
  •         The professionals installing the insulation should also have air respirators or safety equipment.


It is right to say that spray foam is the most dangerous insulation if you’re not aware of its aspects. You should hire licensed contractors. Contact Spray Foam Insulation Plus. We aim to provide our clients with the highest quality and excellent customer support. Get in touch with our insulation professionals for a consultation now!

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