Will Spray Foam Insulation Keep Mice Out of Your Home in Plymouth?

Will Spray Foam Insulation Keep Mice Out of Your Home in Plymouth?

Last Updated on June 29, 2024 by Spray Foam Insulation Plus

Mice infestation is a popular fear among homeowners. Mice can chew through structural components such as wood, aluminum, and wires and cause health and safety risks. So, homeowners often search for effective solutions to make their homes rodent-free.

One such solution is spray foam insulation, but is it a cure-all for mouse infestation? In this blog, we explain whether or not spray foam insulation is an option for protecting your home against mice infestation.

Let’s find out!

Does spray foam insulation interest mice?

The short answer: No. Spray foam insulation does not offer any nutritional value, so mice do not have a particular interest in spray foam insulation. So, mice are more likely to walk away from spray foam; however, the thickness of spray foam plays a key role here.

If spray foam insulation is thin, mice can smell food behind it and start chewing it to access the food.

Can spray foam insulation keep mice out of your home?

Yes, spray foam is effective, but it is not enough to keep mice out of your home. Spray foam is not impenetrable against mice’s sharp teeth and jaws.

Spray foam acts as a seal to protect against mice infestation. If the seal is thick enough and installed properly, then mice are more likely to walk away from the seal. But if they smell odors through the seal, they are more motivated to chew away the seal.

Can mice chew through spray foam insulation?

Yes, mice are inherent chewers. They chew on and through wood, aluminum, fabrics, and other materials to file down their teeth. If they can chew such rigid structural materials, they can easily chew on and through spray foam insulation.

However, the motivation to chew on and through spray foam insulation depends on the determination to get through the insulation. In most scenarios (if the spray foam is thick enough), mice cannot smell the food across the insulation, so they are more likely to ignore the spray foam insulation. But in the case of thin, low-quality spray foam insulation, mice chew on and through the material.

How to stop mice from infesting your home?

Preventing mice infestation is about sealing, cleaning, and maintaining your home. Make sure your pet food is stored inside sealed containers and your bird feeders and planters are away from the structure of your home. It is also important to clean and sweep your home after meals to eliminate food crumbs.

Mice look for food and shelter, and if they find your home unpalatable, then they are more likely to stay away from your home. However, if you believe your home is at risk of mice infestation, then get in touch with Spray Foam Insulation Plus to schedule a home assessment for spray foam insulation. We have experienced spray foam experts in Minneapolis who proudly serve the entire metro area to insulate your home against rodent infestation. Give us a call and get a quote or schedule a consultation now!

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